Construction and Remodeling Services

At Smith Construction and Development Inc. we offer services to both residential and commercial clients. These services include but they are certainly not limited to custom remolding projects, new construction and even rehabilitations as needed.  Customers who choose Smith construction and Development can be assured that prior to the construction of their project the proper planning will be given to ensure that the result would be nothing short of high quality.

Our Planning Process

Detailed Construction Cost

We provide the permitting and drawing all the way to construction. This allows customers to be fully aware of the financial costs of their project before construction or any work commences. Because we are licensed, Smith Construction and Development Inc. will ensure that all of the correct permits would be pulled that are compliant with the state or county for every project.

Order and Expedite of Materials

This helps to alleviate stress of customers and they would not need to worry about ordering the wrong products or wondering where they can go to acquire the needed building material. They can feel at ease that the professionals of this company will handle it all for them in a timely manner.

Management of All Projects

Since we place such a heavy emphasis on a solid planning phase, Smith Construction and Development Inc. will always be on top and in control of all projects. A licensed contractor with years of experience will always supervise the work.

Prepare & Complete Subcontracts

Any professional subcontractor used will enter into a subcontract agreement with Smith Development and Construction Inc. to ensure all work will be performed to a specific standard. All clients that contact our company will be in fully capable and professional hands. These agreements are solely prepared and implemented by the management of Smith Construction and Development Inc.

Custom Homes

When thinking about your future home, you always want something that fits your personality and lifestyle. You tend to want something that is uniquely you and that will hold some sort of sentimental value. Sure you can always decorate the interior of a modular home to make it suit you; but why not make your dream home a reality by creating your own custom home? Smith Development and Construction Inc. can make your dream a reality by working with you to build your very own custom home right here in the Merritt Island area and other areas within Brevard County Florida. They will work with you from the conception of your dream custom home to its completion. Rest assured your one of a kind custom home will receive the highest quality of work Smith Development and Construction Inc. while being supervised by a Florida state licensed general contractor.


At Smith Development and Construction Inc. we understand that in life we are always making adjustments and your home is no exception. Whether you are expecting a new member of the family, looking to enhance your home or just simply looking for more space we specialize in home additions. Home additions help to add value to your home and they also serve as a major enhancer when it comes to beautifying your home. Home additions are a cost effective way of further customizing your home while still maintaining the initial charm of your original home. We offer additions in the form of room additions, "Florida" rooms, garages, patios or porches. Let us know your addition idea and we will work with you as best as we can to fulfill your addition desire. Whatever your reason for the addition we have been proudly servicing the Brevard county area for nearly 10 years and we are more than capable to assist you with your project.

Kitchen & Bath

The kitchen is quickly becoming the central location for entertainment in the home for family or friends. With kitchen renovations you can create a kitchen that is both functional yet laid back enough that everyone who visits your home feels comfortable just spending time in your kitchen. Whether you are looking to beautify your home or to add value to your home, kitchen and bathroom renovations are recommended to give you a much-needed change. If you make that decision to perform renovations to your kitchen and bathroom you are probably filled with excitement about the changes that will come to your home. However, when it comes to actually implementing these renovations you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Renovations can be taxing on you emotionally and financially. Smith Development and Construction Inc. helps to ease you out of the emotional and financial burden of having to take on the renovations all on your own. We will be with you every step of the way ensuring quality work so you can have the bathroom or kitchen you always desired while making sure all of the renovations are cost effective to you.

Project Design & Build Services

When choosing a company to meet your construction needs it is important to find one that acts as a one-stop shop that allows you to save time. In other words choose a company that can help you with all aspects of your construction from the designing to the actual construction that leads to your ideal finished product. More importantly, choose a company that has the experience to undertake any project you may have. Luckily for the residents of Brevard County they can rely on the experience of the workers and owner of Smith Construction and Development Inc. to cater to all of their designing and building needs. If you have a vague idea of the project you would like us to undertake for you but you are unsure of how to conceptualize it you can sit down with Smith Construction and Development Inc. and we can help with your project design and bring your idea to life! Smith Construction and Development Inc. can assist you with any repairs, renovations or customizations of any projects that you bring to us or that we design for you.